Motivating Kids to Study More

My first born is in Kinder 2 already and he is 5 years old. He started studying when he was 3 years old, I enrolled him under my pre-school teacher’s very own school. Yes, we have the same pre-school teacher.

When my son started school, he doesn’t know how to write nor read and he barely talks. He can’t even pronounce some words correctly. But now, after two years, he learned a lot. When we had our first General Parents-Teachers Association’s meeting, his teacher even made him as an example. According to Teacher Indang, when my son was in nursery and Kinder 1, he doesn’t participate in school activities, he wont raise his hands when the teachers asked the pupils about a certain question that needs to be answered. He just sit there in his chair, eating. Yes, he eats for the 2 whole hours while he is in school. Then now, a big change happened. He participates actively in school works, he knows how to spell words, write his full name, sing a lot of children’s songs, and he memorizes Bible verses. Teacher Indang told us (the parents), that we should not force our kids to study or scold them if they don’t learn their lessons so well. Some kids are late bloomers, like my son, that he only find the time to love studying now compared last year.

I agree with Teacher Indang, I don’t scold my son nor force him to study, I let him play with his toys and friends if he likes when he is at home. If I ask him about their lessons and he can’t answer, I just told him that tomorrow he needs to listen to his teacher so that he’ll understand and will not forget about it. He’s just a kid, and kids needs to play, rest and enjoy life. The only motivation that I do so that he’ll study, is I praise him, I praise him if he knows somethings new from school. A new song, a new Bible verse, a new word that he can spell.

Our kids wants our attention, and yes, praising them makes them feel that we care for them. That we are interested with their home works and their milestones.

9 thoughts on “Motivating Kids to Study More

  1. Informative post you got here. Mom always motivates me to study harder. Now, I am happy that I can face the world with confidence. Kids should listen to their parents more, especially to their mom.

  2. Quite right that kids learn in different pace of of time. But, on the other hand I get too impatience with my kids because I want them to do more…I guess I’m too perfectionist and I should let them be a child for it only once in their life. Your post is an eye-opener.

  3. your son is timid and he is no different to my eldest child too. My son is hesitant and so timid when we first put him to preschool, even just going into the playground in the slide he’d be so scared. he didn’t even know how to pedal on his bike but eventually he learned it from preschool. He doesn’t participate because he is shy. he’d cry and be scared. things have changed after his kinder and now a first grader. though he has difficulty in processing instructions in a grander scale but when teacher test him one-on-one he’ll do excellent especially in academic. he can read, he knows his sound and can recognize and sight words. So, you are definitely not alone in this journey hehehhe.

  4. yes we shouldnt push our kids on something that they are not ready yet, coz eventually they will learn it all by themselves. what he needs is guidance, and understanding. regarding my kids i teach them through playing, like matching games, i-spy, read them a book, and pointing out the words. but my Kuya, he was gifted, he learned to read all by himself when he was 2, not just the alphabets, but words. but my youngest who just turned 3, doesnt know how to read yet, but he knows his ABCs, colors, and shapes. brothers but they sure are different.

  5. Praising is one way of encouraging them to do good. I also agree of not forcing kids to really study hard. They have short attention span and they tend to get bored easily. For me giving a 15-20 minute study time or reading time everyday consistently is also effective to build their study/reading habit.

  6. Dli jud nato btaw mapugos ang mga bata, ang ato lang encourage them and praise them every little thing they do para maganahan pod cla.

  7. Wow, your eldest has certainly come a long way. Good for him. Congrats to you 🙂
    I have to admit that at times, I lose my temper while studying with my daughter. It’s because, she shows disinterest, and that affects me negatively. Sometimes yes, I just let her play first, and then we get down to business- but only after an intense power struggle!

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