Music Lessons

I am a frustrated singer. Frustrated because I don’t have a good singing voice, I cannot even carry a tune when singing “DO RE MI”. I joined different choir groups when I was in high school, I even joined the Church choir. It didn’t enhance my voice, but it was a great help in building my self-esteem.

During my 18th birthday, I asked my dad for a guitar and he gave me what I wanted, though he was thinking of giving me something else, something different such as Selmer Paris Saxophones. Tried to take up guitar lessons from a friend who is a member of a band. I also tried to learn how to play my guitar through reading books on self-help. As of now, I can play the guitar but not that really well. At least I know how.

When I was young, I also thought of enrolling myself into a Piano Class or take up Violin lessons from our music teachers. But still, maybe music isn’t for me, or maybe it is but I just gave up on it easily.

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