Musical Instruments for our Baby Girl

Our Achi (Older Sister) will start her special classes this coming school year for Violin lessons. Last year she asked us to buy her a piano and that we enroll her for Piano Lessons but then again she changed her mind. This year, Violin lessons are offered in her school and she again asked us to buy her a Violin and enroll her for special classes, so before she can change her mind and ask us again for another musical instrument such as euphonium, we enrolled her immediately. The violin, I think, can wait. We are still looking for the right violin for her and checking out the differences with other brands and sizes.


  1. KRIZZA says:

    It’s really nice to enroll our kids to something that she can really have the time to develop her skills and to get that opportunity to discover herself. I also wanted my daughter to get a violin class last time but wasn’t able to as her time did not permit her.

  2. yuuki says:

    nice, it may stir her interest in music…

    my nephew also took violin, flute, guitar lessons but after that he never practiced again…guess he needs to try other classes to really get what he wants…

  3. Eileen says:

    She is gifted you should encourage her to follow her passion for music. I wish had the same but alas even if my parents were forcing me to take piano lessons I refused because I knew I would not be very good at it.

  4. CC says:

    I hope she enjoys her violin lessons! I bought a violin, enrolled myself in a class but eventually discovered that it wasn’t for me.

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