My Baby K’TAN Baby Carrier Prize

I am overjoyed when my prize from Bebengisms’ Baby K’Tan Giveaway arrived at my doorstep. I have been dreaming of owning a baby carrier for so long already but I wasn’t able to buy one for my baby because of two reasons: (1) It is expensive and (2) I don’t know what type I should buy. I have a baby carrier for my first born but it was not comfortable to wear because of the hard materials used (plastic and metals). I only used it I think twice when my baby boy was 1 year old and I didn’t used it with my baby girl anymore.

As what I am saying, I was ecstatic for my new baby carrier from My Baby Dragon who sponsored Bebengism’s Baby K’Tan birthday blow-out. I was elated because Baby K’Tan is comfortable, supportive and so easy to use. I only read the manual once and yes it was so easy like 1-2-3 and voila, I could wear my daughter anywhere we go.


Baby K’Tan can be worn in 5 positions: (1) newborn kangaroo position (2) hug position (3) adventure position (4) explore position (5) hip position.
Men and women alike can wear their child in this Baby K’Tan baby carrier so no worries for daddies, because they can bond with their child too using this baby carrier.
I am encouraging every parent to buy a Baby K’Tan baby carrier. Trust me; it is the better choice than carrying your child in your arms whole day. Aside from that, it helps develop your bond to your child, at an early age, they start to build up their sense of refuge and trust.



  1. aeirin says:

    will take note of the brand Baby KTan if incase I need a baby carrier. but honestly, everytime I see moms using baby carrier, I’m afraid the baby will fall off the wrap. =( is it really safe to use baby carrier?

  2. Gigi Beleno says:

    I think baby carriers are essential for every moms with little babies because it lessens the burden of carrying the baby. Di you win this one? yeah! its super nice.

  3. Gene says:

    OMG that cute pouty face!

    I love baby carriers. I bought one, a baby sling when I had Una and we have the best bonding days. It’s easier too because I was breastfeeding her. This looks more secure though. Can you breastfeed while using this carrier?

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