My Favorite Korean

I wasn’t able to make a blog entry for the past few days because my Korean friend, Eun Young, was here. I have to travel 5 hours in order to met her up and spend time with her. Eun Young was here 2 years ago but we were not able to met up because for a lot of reasons. The last time I was able to see her in person was before our Graduation. She is my friend way back in College and we spent a lot of times together.

The picture was taken yesterday, when we went to Xavier Estates Clubhouse and went for quick dip. Yeah, that’s me and that’s my good old friend Eun Young.

The 5 hours drive from my place to Cagayan de Oro is just fine, because I cannot let the moment pass by without spending time with my Korean friend who will just stay 5 days here in the Philippines to visit her friends. She even considered Philippines as her 1st home. And guess what, she can still speak and understand Visayan language without an accent.

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  1. Glad you still find the time to have bonding moments with your friend – considering the travel time. I know it’s worth it and you enjoyed the break as well.


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