My Kind of Coat

I love COATS and jackets. I even love watching people in the movies who wear different coats for their roles. I also love to read magazines and look at the different types and colors of coats celebrities wear in every place or event that they went to. Celebrities look so amazingly cool wearing different styles of coats with different colors and different designs. They have this morning coat and evening coat that they can match and mix with their ordinary clothes of evening gowns for an event.

I have been looking at ML Furs because fur coats are one of the most expensive coats available online and offline. Yeah, they are expensive and they don’t come cheap because of the materials used. Though Philippines is a tropical country we also have places where a good fur coat can be of good use. I can visit Baguio and Tagaytay without worrying about the weather because I have with me a fur coat I could trust. Or perhaps I could wear it for an evening date at a 5 star hotel with my boyfriend, 5 star hotels are cold, right?

The first time I saw Jennifer Lopez wearing a fur coat was for her MTV and that was eon of years ago, and since then I fell in love with coats. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce all loves to wear fur coats. There are even male celebrities who also wore them for an event or just for the fun of wearing it.

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