My Pet Name

My contest/giveaway has ended and I need to draw some winners. At first I was about only to give all the prizes to one winner but when I saw that many have joined my little giveaway, I decided to have 3 winners. The main prize will be the Victoria set plus 2 key chains, 2nd prize will be “Make me smile” EDT from Avon plus the lucky angel charm for cell phone and the 3rd prize will be the Avon necklace plus 2 key chains. The key chains that I included in the prizes came from 2 great places that I have been to – Tagaytay and Bohol. Though I have thought of giving away ironing boards at cleanairgardening for special winners, they might need one to help them with their chores.

The answer to the question “Where does the name Bebang came from?” is – Bebang is my Pet Name when I was young. My mother’s brother Luis is the one who gave me that pet name during my vacations in Bohol. And every year that I went home to Bohol, I always hear them call me Bebang and when I grew up, my Uncle teases me and calls me “Babes” because I am a lad already but it is still connected to “Bebang” (hahaha). As the years went by, I sort of hated that name because it is so “mabantot” (bitter smelling?) but some people find it cute and unique just like my boyfriend that is why we call our new puppy “Bebang”.

Among the 17 bloggers who joined, 2 got the correct answers and though I really want to give them special prizes I cannot think of anything. Some answers were amusingly funny and yes, I was laughing my heart out while reading some of the blog posts. Some were meticulously made and I loved them. I will announce the winners tomorrow, so STAY TUNED.

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