My Political Life at a Glance

I have known the Acosta’s during my high school years and that was a very long time ago, I was 13 or 14 years old at that time. My father is not a political figure here in our town, he didn’t run for a seat and he will never run until he dies, but he has supported the Acosta’s feat. And though I cannot vote at that time, I campaigned for Dr. Neric and Nanay Coring when they have run for public service.

Dr. Juan Acosta or JCA is not a political figure either but he supported his wife and son along the way. I didn’t see him up on the stage but there, below the stage, beside the people who supported his family. A very noble man.

As a teenager, nobody can brainwash me or asked me to campaign for someone I didn’t believe in. I campaigned for the Acosta’s because I know they can make a difference and that they have done great things already to my town and I don’t want them to stop just yet. But luck has not been on our side these past few elections and though they have lost and never won in the election, their heart for service was not lost. They still help small farmers and housewives who want to earn for a living. Until now, I am one of those who believed in them and their cause.

This is just a random post; I just remembered how I met these Great People in my life and how I was changed for the better.

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  1. Your story remind me of two experiences in my life; I also had politician’s kids for my classmates in elementary and high school. Stereotypes would say that kids like them are spoiled brats and mean, which is actually quite the contrary. They are smart and graceful people that i’ve known (mahirap mag name dropping in my case kase hindi naman kami close pero we had good classroom relationship). The second is the guy who ran for presidential, is actually a kinakapatid of my uncle (his mom is my uncle’s godmother). We had this joke around the house kung sino yung active na magka campaign for him. My family actually didn’t get involved with the campaigns etc kase we have different political views, so we just hoped for him to win (he didn’t btw). Nostalgic ako hehehe.

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