1. Dhadha says:

    Super agree ako na instead na magpost ka din ng status sa fb mo, much better if mag send ka nlng ng private message to that person pra ma clarify kung ano man ang problem. 🙂

  2. Adin Blankenship says:

    hahaha.. that’s hilarious quote. I don’t often say or write on Facebook what is up in my head or everything that’s happening. I don’t usually rant on Facebook or use my wall as a tool to rant about things, but hey that’s just me. LOl! And I do understand about people thinking they may be the one you were talking about that somehow made you upset, mad or whatever. 🙂 I get that!

  3. Chubskulit Rose says:

    Ha! Love that pic, sabi nga “Bato Bato sa Langit ang Tamaan Wag Magalit” hehehe. I seldom rant on FB that’s because there are things that you have to keep for yourself. I usually post happy or inspiring thoughts but even that, some still have a negative thing to say. Some think that you are pretending to be perfect where in fact you are not. I post positive things not to show the world that I am perfect because nobody is perfect, I post positive thoughts to uplift one’s spirit, but you can’t really please everybody. Oh boy, sorry for my long novel lol.

  4. Olga says:

    Naku, I heard of many FB statuses that stirred up controversies and misunderstandings. I do also am guilty of posting statuses that should be better off sent thru PM but I try to avoid doing that now.

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