My Super Circle Plan GLOBE

It’s been two years already.

That is why I have called Globe Hotline to renew my contract with them, with regards to My Super Circle Plan. I applied for a Super Circle Plan with Globe two years ago because it is a GREAT offer. Imagine, 3 phones, 3 numbers, 3 unlicall and unlitext line for only 1500php per month! It is a great saving as long as the other two users, including you of course, will not SUBSCRIBE to ring backs, club media content, and other ADDITIONAL subscription that will make your BILL soar higher than the 1500php plan bill. We had three (3) Samsung Corby II phones back then, and now I ordered for two (2) Samsung Kyle and one (1) Blackberry 9320. I don’t have to pay anything or there are no CASH-OUT for the 3 units but I need to pay for additional 99php per phone as a TOP-UP of the bill because the three phones I ordered are internet capable.

I am glad that the Talk to Globe Specialist is so helpful and a very good agent (I am sorry but I also have bad experiences with other Talk to Globe hotline agents who are so arrogant and over-bearing).

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