My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs

I have voted for my Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs last year and luckily I won $100 from the raffle. I got this blog, ZoWanderer from the $100 I won last year. And now I am going to share my Top Ten Emerging Influential blogs again. I have thought of voting for myself, for my blog, but I know that there are more influential than me out there. I have been blogging for more than a year now and I have met so many bloggers and blogs along the way. There are those who blog for themselves, for their family, for their advocacy, for their beliefs, for their pets, for their places.
This is my post for Janette Toral’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 Writing Project.

I blog for personal reasons, and sometimes I also blog when I feel sad or happy. I blog and somehow I am hoping that sharing my experiences and my reviews for different products would help people decide for themselves.

My TOP TEN Emerging Influential Blogs are:

1. Mom Writes ( – I have known Mommy Rubz for a quite a while now. But I just recently learned about this blog of her, Mom Writes is a collection of happy moments in Mommy Rubz’ life, she called this blog “Counting My Blessings” blog. If we count our blessings just like Mommy Rubz instead of thinking and dwelling into our pains, then perhaps we could have a happy life.
2.My Painted Lips ( – This is owned by Pehpot Pineda, she was one of the few people who I learned to love in the Blog-Universe. The first time I met her was when she went to my blog and left a comment with a matching invite to her contest and I can still remember those days. This blog is a vanity blog, just like Pehpot, most mothers have no time for themselves already because they make sure that their children comes first but it doesn’t hurt when sometimes a mother will spend some cash on cosmetics and time on pampering herself. I am not vain and I do not even know how to apply makeup so reading this blog taught me which is which.
3. My Green Living Ideas ( – Just by reading the name itself, this blog shares how to help save Mother Earth among other things. I have a Green Blog too where I can share how I try to minimize my Carbon footprint on earth and how I can also save more Trees among other things. Each Monday this blog host a Green Monday Meme where in every blogger can share their stories on how they try to help in saving Mother Earth.
4. The Pepperrific Life ( – This blog is own my Pepper, another single mom into this Blog Universe we had. She is a newbie but Pepper’s blog entries make her known and famous. I love to read her advices and her different views about life in general.
5. Levyousa ( – Levy is the owner of this blog. I have known Levy when she had a contest in her other blog and since then I value her as one of my friends online too. Levy shares in this blog her thoughts about things that are happening around her. There are so many tips that are very helpful not only to bloggers but also to other people who will visit her blog. Levy is not afraid to share her opinions online, positive or negative.
6. Mommy Survival Guide ( – I am a mother, and single. I try to get the help that I could get and that includes reading tips and tricks online. Mommy Survival Guide is one great blog about parenting, mommyhood, home management and many more. This is one blog that needs to be given credit for.
7. Tottering Mama ( – This is another one nice blog that I am including in my list. My son is already a toddler and tottering mama is a blog that is created to showcase how a Mother should raise her toddlers.
8. Note Pad Corner ( – Notepad Corner is a personal blog that share the authors different insights to her life’s experiences. Expressing one thoughts and ideas is one way of sharing to other people your life and understanding about life.
9. The Blogger’s Journal ( – Being a blogger doesn’t mean that I know everything in blogging. Blogging is a learning process and sometimes there are things that I should learn something. This blog aims to help fellow bloggers in making simple tutorials that is understandable.
10. Certified Foodies ( – This blog is a food blog by siblings Mhel and Ken. I am no cook and reading this blog encourages me to learn how to cook the easy way. I love food and I love to eat and sometimes I really feel like I want to be a Chef too.

So there, those are my TOP TEN. Of course this Blog Writing Project will not be possible without the support of people who are so generous and became these projects sponsors. Thank You  Cyber Monday DealsTRIbeca Private ResidencesHow To VideosPalawan Beaches for Sale,Green and Natural Lubes PhilippinesPhilippine data centerPhilippine online shoppingSingapore JobsPinoy Party FoodApartment for rent, and Best deals tips.

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