Native Shoes – Corrado and Miller

I shared My Favorite Summer Experience in my Travel/Fashion Blog for Nuffnang’s Native Shoes Blog Contest and I won a 2500php worth of GC. Some of my friends already know that I love to join online contests so they supported me through liking my blog post, sharing it on twitter and Facebook, and by leaving a comment or two to make me feel that I deserve to be chosen as one of the 20 bloggers who will win a gift certificate from Nuffnang.

When I learned that I won, I was ecstatic because I have been longing to buy Native Shoes for my kids but just couldn’t afford it ( I mean I don’t have the budget yet to buy for two pairs of Native Shoes). I checked out Native Shoes online to see what style should I buy for my two kids. When the GCs arrived, I was happy and sad at the same time. Why? Because the GCs can only be used in the Trinoma branch.

I live in the province and if I have to use the GC in Trinoma, I need to book a flight and that would be very expensive for me. True blogging friends came in the picture to rescue me from my predicament. Sis Sam told me that she lives near Trinoma and that she could buy the pairs for me, actually I asked her to buy it for me (hahaha). Sent her the GCs and the shoe size of my two kids and told her the style I want. I am so glad that I have met online friends who are really nice and kind, and trust worthy too. Though I have not met her in person, Sam treats me like a sister already and I am glad I have found gold nuggets in a stack of hay.

I have chosen the Miller in Pink for my baby daughter and Sam chose Corrado in Sky Blue for my son. When the Native Shoes arrive, my two kids cannot wait but open the package without me!


7 thoughts on “Native Shoes – Corrado and Miller

  1. Congrats on winning sis! Maswerte ka talga sa mga pacontest. Ipasa mo naman ang bato sakin pra swertehin din ako. Haha. Anyway, I’m glad that kahit nagka prob ka with the GCs and claiming of the prize, you we’re still able to get your prize. Bait naman ni Sam. 🙂

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