One BIG package for Gerayah

My blogging career started when I met some friends online who blogs. After a year of blogging I finally met my blogging friends in Manila when we went there last year for a convention, namely Pehpot and Fedhz with darling yz. Of course, here is a picture to prove it:

I didn’t expect that I could gain real friends online the same when I thought I couldn’t order a discount macanudo cigars online. And just this year, I gave birth to my little baby girl Gerayah, and Mommy Pehpot send her love through a big package right here:

She gave Sati’s old dresses, onesies, pants and even a pair of swim suit to my dear baby girl. We loved the baby items she sent us and I promised to take a picture of my baby when she wears them.

5 thoughts on “One BIG package for Gerayah

  1. Awww that’s such a nice gesture. I love meeting people from forums and blogs. I was also given the chance to meet nice friends online and up to now, we meet and keep each other updated 🙂

  2. The dresses are cute and those bikinis are too adorable! But isn’t it a little too late to go swimming? Anyway, it’s heartwarming how you’ve met generous friends online. I hope I do too *wink, wink*

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