One Random Act of Kindness

I have noticed that beggars in the streets are increasing in numbers, aside from the fact that more and more children are beginning to live in the corners of different buildings in the city and ask money to every shopper they can see.

Sometimes, I feel irritated, especially when they grab my shirt and beg for money and it makes me think that I need cord cover for my sleeves. Sometimes, I feel angry towards this kind of people because they are everywhere I go and they don’t easily go away unless I give them my spare coins. I don’t blame the government for this kind of people; I blame the people themselves because why can’t they find a suitable way to earn money aside from begging on the streets? How can you expect me to have a generous heart when I can see that they are not physically handicapped and that they can do great deals of work if they want to?

But what can I do, I have not experienced their lives. I have not tried to live in the streets and ask for money. I have not asked them if they have tried to look for work and they just didn’t get any work because nobody trusted them. I realized that I should not judge them and by not judging them is one random act of kindness I believe.


  1. Gladys | says:

    you’re right, we do not have the right to judge anyone. we don’t know somebody else’s stories. most of them, it could have been their fault why their on the streets. while some could just probably be victims of consequence. but whatever reasons, we can only pray for them and hope that things will be better for them.

  2. Mary Jane says:

    true!! i dont get used to seeing beggars it been so long since i’ve seen one from the philippines since i dont go out whenever im back in the country. singaporeis a very clean country. so i get to scared now whenever i go back in philippines some sorts i dont really know. ncie blogspost for ervyday life. xx

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