One Year Death Anniversary

September 16, 2010 – My cousin, Alphonsus, together with his wife Coycoy who was pregnant at that time was murdered. Murdered by heartless and brutal criminals. My cousin died on the spot and his wife was rushed to the hospital but still she was declared dead on arrival and her unborn child wasn’t saved.
One year has passed and the killers are still at large. It always pains me to remember me that my cousin with his wife and unborn child died this way. I hungered for justice for so long, me and my relatives who were left behind seeks justice and still there were no leads.
The only thing we could do now is to mourn for our cousin and his family. Alphonsus and Coycoy have left behind 2 kids, 11 years old daughter and 3 years old son, and pray for their souls.

This is so terrible. This is why people need to take classes from to learn how to help solve
terrible crimes like that.

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