Online Contest: The Ups and Downs

It is not a secret that I love joining online contests. My friends and relatives kept thinking why LBC kept on coming back to our house to deliver my freebies and prizes. Some of the prizes that I don’t use I gave to my cousins and to my nieces, like eye shadows, mascara and other make up paraphernalia’s. So now, one of my nieces decided to join an online contest. But to her dismay, after receiving a lot of LIKES (she needed so many FB likes in order to WIN) the Facebook Page running the contest decided to take down or delete her photo entry. She was sad, disgusted and devastated. Her efforts were wasted. She meticulously send PMs (personal message) to every single friend she has online; she even posted her photo entry to our Facebook group in order to gain LIKES (points).

And I got angry too. But before I reacted negatively, I asked her if the FB page admin contacted her, or sent her an email in case she violated any rules about the contest. My niece told me that the FB page admin didn’t contact her; we only saw the comment on her uploaded photo that it was deleted from the contest album with no given reason. She sent a personal message to the Facebook Page and they replied that they don’t know who removed her photo from the contest album.

I couldn’t believe how immature and not professional these kind of people who handled this FB page. Are they saying that we are that dumb? A person who is not an admin of a certain page cannot just delete a photo in that page’s album, and comment using the FB page’s profile. I am really disappointed but no I will not reveal a link to their FB page here because they might just gain a lot of likes and visits when in fact they don’t deserve to be liked.

Just a reminder for those who want to join online contests, be ready for anything and everything and because after all your efforts spent you might be disappointed in the end for no reason at all.

17 thoughts on “Online Contest: The Ups and Downs

  1. I seldom join contests. And I do, lots of times I win 🙂 I do not like rafflecopters. Maybe I am just lazy.

    Liking pages and leaving personal information should be with caution.


  2. Now that’s cruel. I totally understand the efforts one has to make to gain likes on FB. I’ve tried that before. I hope your niece is okay now.

  3. it’s always a must to understand the cons and prons of everything you join in, specially on giveaways.

    you’ve definitely got a point here.

    props 🙂

  4. There are many things that could happen when you join contests. That’s really sad.

    I, personally, don’t like joining contests, aside from the fact that I don’t have a knack for winning online contests, I am too lazy to ask around for likes, too.

    Hopefully, the matter will be resolved.

  5. omg! this is aweful! i would be devastated if this happens to me. they probably dont want her to win, and that contest is probably a scam. if its me, i am going to voice out what i feel in public, and give them a bad review.

  6. hahhahaha. since i started pitching advertisers i get all kinds of packages at my door and i bet our neighbors noticed why there are many packages for me, and my son would always ask me if there’s package every single day. hehehee

  7. I too love joining online contests but my rule is to never join any “Liking” contests because some would resort to dirty tactics and have fake accounts just to win.

  8. I love online contests Jo but I dont have much time to spend on the ka ekekan just to be able to join. I missed really the old days when all you have to do is comment and post the contest in the blog. ^^ Ma swerte baya ko ana gamay. hehehe

    SAlamat sa bisita! U start a stamp meme and I will join you. Sis Willa got a stamp blog too!

  9. I haven’t tried joining any FB contest yet so don’t really know how it works. But I think you are right only admins have the right to remove or delete entries. It was probably a scam so take it as a favour nalang.

  10. karon pa ko kabasa ani te jo. mao diay nawala na? natingala bya jud ko. tsk! luoya sad ni agaw. 🙁 lami kaayu ireport ang page ba! tsk.

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