Our Sleeping Positions

Before I sleep, I make sure that me and my son are lying side by side with his head on my arms. But I was shock when I saw this picture of us sleeping together (taken my by boyfriend):

I don’t know what happened but I think my son loves to move around the bed when we are sleeping. I think most children moves around the bed when they are sleeping but I am afraid because what if he moves too much and fall to the floor. That is why I prefer that we sleep on the floor, we just put some foams and pillows beside the wall.

2 thoughts on “Our Sleeping Positions

  1. Meaning, ang likot ng anak mo. hehe.. I used to be just like that.. Malikot sa bed, kaya one time, nahulog ako. Good thing hindi masyadong mataas ang kama ko. Siguro kung magkababy nako, magiging ganun din yun. Mana sa nanay. lol..

    Well, it’s advisable nga na sa sahig na lang matulog, lalo na kung malikot ang bata. iwas disgrasya din. 🙂

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