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Connect Your Home is your all-in-one company that caters top of the line services from different and well-known brands for your home or business. Thus, offering you the best packages for television, internet, home phone, home security, wireless, and identity protection services.

One of the few services that they have is the DISH Network TV Packages, a cheaper deal for television cable. They also offer DISH Hopper, where you can watch your favorite recorded and live TV shows on 4 HD TVs at the same time. Wherein, once you subscribe to their selected package, you’ll get to receive your 1st Hopper and 3 Joeys for FREE! You can also checkout the company’s other available package for television from DIRECTV, AT&T U-verse, Charter TV, XFINITY, and Time Warner Cable.

Looking for a reliable home phone service in your area that is just right for your family’s budget? Connect Your Home has it! You will get the latest promotions and deals that you can have from these major telephone Companies: AT&T U-verse, Charter Phone, XFINITY Voice, Cox Digital Telephone, and Time Warner Cable Digital. The best feature you can have from them is the unlimited calls for local, U.S. and Canada.

You can also get a flexible plan from ADT Monitored Home Security Plans through Connect Your Home. Their feature includes 24 Hour Monitoring, Digital Keypad, Entryway Contacts, Keychain Remote, Pet Sensitive, High Decibel Siren, Battery Backup, Yard Sign & Window Decals, and Burglary Monitoring which you can get at their Essential 1-Way Plan. More features are also included in ADT Value 2-Way, ADT Cellular Cell 1-Way, and ADT Expanded Cell 2-Way plans at an affordable price. In addition, once you avail their service, you will not be charged for the equipment and activation fee, you only need to pay a one-time fee for the installation and you’re all set to go.

So why pay more, if you can pay less for the same service? Check out for the best deal for you!

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  1. I wonder if this service is available here in our place. We only have one internet and cable provider and they are different so we have to pay separately not to mention that it’s expensive. I do hope we can pay them in bundle.

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