Paypal’s New Site Theme

I seldom log in my Paypal account because of my slow internet connection. Sometimes the only time I could log in and check if my clients has paid me already is when it is in the wee hours of the morning. This should be posted two or three weeks ago but again my ISP have let me down.

Paypal’s site has a new theme and I was hesitant to log in my account because I am afraid it might not be the real Paypal. I wasn’t informed so I took a photo of it using my iPhone and uploaded in my Facebook account asking my friends if it is really the real site and not a scam site. After making sure that it is, I have finally decided to input my username and password without hesitation anymore just like when I was checking out swimming pool pumps online.

I am hesitant and scared at first because of so many instances online that people are robbed of their money through their noses. So in case you have not checked Paypal’s site out for a while , this is what it looks like now.

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