Petron Collectibles – Limited Edition Porsche

We are car-fanatics simply because I have 2 brothers and a son. I already told you about the Ferrari’s that we had from Shell, now I am telling you to fuel up in Petron too because they offer Porsche collectibles. You only need to gas up for about 1000php and then you can get a Porsche collectible for only 180php.

There are five choices for the Porsche cars : 1. Cayenne (silver color), 2. Cayman S (red color), 3. GT3 RSR (white color), 4. Carrera S (black color) and 5. Panamera (blue color).

We have the Panamera because it is the only car available as of the moment in the Petron station near us.

The car has:

  • Rev sound with lights if you press down its hood
  • Alarm sound with lights when you open its doors
  • It also runs if you pull it backwards

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