Photography and Weddings

I am a wedding planner want-to-be (wanna-be) but I just cannot find the time and try to be one. Maybe because I don’t want it that badly that is why I cannot find the time to try it out or maybe I have no close friend or relative that is soon to be wedded couples that is why I have not try my skills in planning a grandeur wedding.

But still, I am a sucker for weddings! I love to see people getting married and I love to attend wedding receptions. I always bring my camera with me and capture a lot of beautiful memories for the couple. Of course, I also take photos not only of the couple or the entourage and guests but also of the dining table, wedding arrangement, and of course the wedding centerpieces. I love the way wedding caterers choose their table arrangements and designs to match it with the wedding couple’s wedding theme.

And speaking of wedding themes, the wedding couple should decide early or even before they have started to prepare for that big event in their life so that they will have the perfect wedding that they have been dreaming of. Matching up everything will make the wedding more splendid.

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