Photography by JB

The picture below is taken by my one and only son, JB. The title post said so. Yes, he is good at taking pictures though he just turned 4 years old. I guess I should start saving money now in order to buy him  a set of SLR cameras and the printing machines in order to saved in printing his works.

This picture could be a good postcard right? But I need to find a cheaper company who offers printing postcards because I want to print many copies and send some to my online friends. I am happy that my son is loving photography at a very early age because I am a camera whore and I needed a professional photographer to do the work of taking my pictures but I guess I don’t need to find one anymore because I already have my son.

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  1. When he grows up, buy him a DSLR para he can learn to explore and experiment photography by himself. At least exposed sya at a young age. Masarap ang may photographer sa family. 🙂

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