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My Mom bought a new phone, and she proudly showed me her Pinoy Phone. It is called Pinoy Phone because it is proudly Pinoy made. It even has a Philippine map on its back. My Mom is so Patriotic and she simply shows her love for our country. When I borrowed her Pinoy Phone, I realize that it is not bad after all. She bought is for only 2200php more or less including the memory card in Bohol, yes she bought her My Phone in Bohol because the memory card is already loaded with Prayers, different content about Pinoy Life and culture, there are photos of different tourist spots in Bohol and different songs and videos too.

What I love most about My Phone is that it has “Lupang Hinirang” (our National Anthem) in it. My son is already 5 years old and he is into Kinder 2 already, his teacher taught him and his classmates to sing the National Anthem and sometimes he got them all mixed up but having my Mom’s My Phone, we have no more problem anymore. He kept on listening to it and finally he was able to memorize the whole song.

Another thing is that while checking the phone, I learned that there are trivia questions about our Nation, there are also famous lines delivered by famous celebrities, and there are also . Listening to these various content and answering it has been our new family bonding time with my brothers. We laugh at our mistakes and we congratulate each other if we get the answers right.

T28 TV Duo Specs:

  • Dual Sim Touchscreen Phone
  • GSM Triband
  • 2.8″ 240×320 pixels TFT QVGA
  • VGA Camera
  • MP3/MP4 player/Stereo FM radio
  • Expandable Memory up 8GB
  • Bluetooth/USB/3.5mm jack
  • Mobile TV

And if you think that I was given a My Phone product in exchange for a BLOG REVIEW which is a POSITIVE ONE, you are wrong. I was not in any way compensated by My Phone for a blog review, I would be happy if they did give me a phone though, but I did a product review because I believe that this product is a good buy and that we should buy Pinoy Products more often. Aside from that, you can learn a lot from all the contents inside this little gadget.

10 thoughts on “Pinoy Phone – T28

  1. That’s what i love about My Phone too, the prayers, trivia and the saved information about Philippines. Plus, it is dual sim, really useful for re-loaders.

  2. That was nice! I was so proud of how Philippines has become. Since we were really known to be a text messages addicts, so this is what we showed to the world too, we can make our own mobile phones! Brilliant or what? Yahoo Philippines, we made it!

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