Polvoron with Love

When I went to Manila, I already had plans of meeting Pehpot and hoping to meet other blogging friends too, like Fedhz, Sam, Vera and Yapatoots. But I only had Pehpot’s number with me and so she is the only one I had contact with but I was shocked when Fedhz was also eager to meet me and so she gave me her number too.

When I was there, I thought we will not be able to met each other because of time constraints and I didn’t know how to ride a bus or jeepneys and I am afraid of riding taxis (thanks to television news for that phobia). But guess what, Pehpot and Fedhz have come a long way to met me in Greenhills. They even gave me tokens of love.

Fedhz gave me her specially made polvoron. It was the best Polvoron I ever had tasted aside from Goldilocks. My mom and my son loves it so much and they want me to visit Manila again in order to bring Fedhz polvoron back as a pasalubong. But I think probinsyanas like me could order that polvoron from Fedhz online. Why haven’t I thought about that? Hmmmm

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