Preparing for My Wedding

Just Kidding! I am not preparing for my wedding just yet. I am dreaming of walking down that aisle for so long already but no, I am not getting married this year. If you are an avid follower, you must have seen or read my posts about preparing for my brother’s wedding early this year and the wedding didn’t push through that is why I stopped posting about weddings here.

But as I was cleaning my room, I saw the wedding magazines I bought last January for my brother’s wedding and I cannot help myself but browse and read some pages of it. I will get married eventually though this is not the right time yet, so I might as well take down some notes on what to do and what to prepare and what to look for before the “Big Day” of my life.

I realized that it is hard to prepare for a wedding, you need to look for the right wedding florists, and the one you can afford yet can give you the best and elegant-looking designs for your wedding day. You also need to budget everything, from your wedding gown to your entourage’s dresses, from your preferred Church up to your choice for a wedding reception. Stick to your budget, thinking that getting married happens only once in a lifetime and that you should spend a lot on it is not the right way of thinking. Money is so hard to earn these days so better save up and spend wisely on your wedding day needs. It is not wise to spend extravagantly and though you think that you do not need wedding planners, think again. Wedding planners know who to contact, they know a lot of wedding suppliers that falls into your budget and they helped you lay down to the table all your wedding needs without forgetting something.

8 thoughts on “Preparing for My Wedding

  1. I hope that you will have your dream wedding Momi and wish you the best. We do not have a wedding planner coz it is a simple family wedding though I dream that one day I can walk down the aisle 🙂

  2. congratz in advance and goodluck to you wedding planning whenever that be. Wedding is everyone’s dream especially to the bride-to-be. hubby and I never had a grand wedding… we signed our marriage certificate infront of the judge and that was it heheheh

  3. If you plan on a lavish wedding, then it can be a pain in the you know what! hahahaha.. But with a little creativity and even with a little budget it’s not that bad at all. Ang uso in the USA are more DIY kind of wedding, which saves tons of money and the visitors are not like we have in the Philippines wherein the whole town is present. Even those people we don’t know. hahahahaha…

  4. yep! its really hard to prepare for a wedding. it takes time to finalize everything. u need to have a wedding coordinator that will help you prepare your wedding

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