Preserving Mandarin Chinese Heritage in Young Children

Parents of Chinese descent living in America have a desire to see their culture and language preserved in the minds and education of their children. It isn’t always easy to keep children interested in or understanding of the language of their heritage when they’re surrounded at all times by English. Parents can certainly keep the Chinese language alive in their homes, but they may not have the time to make such studies as inclusive and valuable as a full immersion program.

At schools such as, children from two to seven years of age are exposed to learning Mandarin Chinese in language classes as well as in all other school subjects. This keeps the study consistent as well as to easily provide them with Mandarin Chinese words in a variety of real-life situations. To ensure that the students don’t lose sight of the language of their current country, either, it is a dual immersion program, with English language lessons as well.

Students are provided with many important items to assist in study, including textbooks, workbooks, and materials created by teachers. The classes for the youngest age group, dubbed Little School, are heavily activity-based, while the Pre-K level begins to have actual, dual language classes as well as to study other subjects in Mandarin Chinese. This is expounded upon each year, through Second Grade. There are also after-school programs for children who already have a foundation in Mandarin Chinese, and an eight-week summer day camp with weekly themes.

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