I am so glad when I went to EBAY and saw that there are available PSP UMD cases from online sellers. PSP UMD are so expensive and sometimes it gets broken especially if your son who owns it doesn’t care about it. My son is just 4 years old and he doesn’t know how to take care of his toys and gadgets. We have 3 broken UMDs already and I don’t want to just throw it away. So I’ve searched online on what to do about it. When I saw a US seller in Ebay and sells casings for PSP UMDs I bought it without hesitation and it was so cheap. I paid through Paypal.

It arrived last week and so I tried to fix the PSP UMDs of JB.

See, it is a great help to my son’s UMDs, he can now play Cars and Ape Escape in his PSP again.

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  1. My kids are also so addicted with PSP. Daming UMD na nasira din.. good thing that I can just go to malls and download new games.. Bad thing naman, last summer, nawala ang isang psp nila. kaya ayun, sayang ang money pero good thing na rin.

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