Pure Honey for Chicay’s Gums

My daughter turned 8 months old last Saturday and yes she already has a tooth. She started teething a month ago and we had a hard time finding pure honey to sooth her gums. Her gums was swelling and I know that it was sore so I asked my mom on what to apply to my precious little daughter’s gums to help her sooth the bad feeling that she is experiencing. When my first born was teething I bought a soothing gel that is quite expensive and yet he still acted as if his gums really hurt him so bad so I am trying to find another remedy aside from that expensive gel.

It is so hard to find a bottle of pure honey here in my place because there are no bee farms here only sugarcane farms. But I have nothing to worry about because I can always ask my relatives who lives in Bohol to bring me a pure wild honey from Bohol Bee Farm.

And I am glad that Gayle brought me a jar of Pure Wild Honey last October. The jar of Pure Wild Honey costs only 165php compared to soothing gels which usually amounted to 400 to 600php.

My mom is the one applies the honey on my daughter’s gums and yes it soothes her gum pains.

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