PVP – Play Vision Portable

When we went to Davao City last week, I brought Jb’s PSP because he wants to have more games in it. And the only thing we could do is to have it modified.

But while we were waiting for the technician to have his job done, we saw this one:

I asked the sales lady for the price and it was quite cheap, though it is just an imitation, the games in it are awesome. We used to have a family computer and if you also had, you probably know how to play Super Mario, Clu clu land, Excite Bike and Pooyan, not to mention Tanks. So I bought it for my son. And sometimes when he don’t play with it, I borrow the PVP and play my favorite old time games in our family computer.

0 thoughts on “PVP – Play Vision Portable

  1. My boys both own psp and they became so addicted to it kaya now, may schedule na for playing.. mora na silag robot masuko pa kung hilabtan.. hais.. mga bata karon maldito jud. lol

        1. ako sa pangitaon ang recibo ha, basta dinha to sa mga tig modify ug psp, basta naay gamers, murag 3rd floor ata to. ehehe

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