Rai-Rai’s Christening

Aside from calling my daughter Baby G, I have decided that her nickname shall be “Rai-Rai”. My first choice was “Ayah” but her father’s mother (which is her grandmother or also called “Ama”) wont allow us to call her with that name because “Ayah” in Chinese means “Big Brother”. Moreover, my mom wont allow us to call her “Shobe” because it means youngest sister and she believes that Gerayah will not be our youngest (hahaha).

Last April 8, 2012, we welcomed baby Joanna Gerayah to the Christian World. She was baptized by our Parish Priest Fr. Yrap Nazareno. She had four godfather and four godmother.

This is Rai-Rai’s Christening invitation which was made by her father’s best friend:

I did choose the design and the photo to be used but he did all the rest.

And these are the giveaways during her Christening:

Rai-Rai’s father and my mom chose these cute little girl figurines and I just put the tags on them.

And of course, a very important thing that is needed for the Christening are the candles, we chose bigger ones and I have tied pink ribbons on them:

I listened to Sister Gloria during the seminar that is why we bought big candles rather than the small and cheaper ones.

These are the things we have prepared a week before Rai-Rai’s Christening.

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