Random Act of Kindness

Last Wednesday, we had Chicay’s Rotavirus vaccine at our Municipal Health Center. Every Wednesday is the schedule for immunization in our little town, so we went there early in order to get a priority number and finish first before some of my townsmen arrive. We arrive at the RHU at around 8 am, and we left after 1 hour of waiting. We are the 4th patient and waited for our turn.

There was this young mother who got the first priority number; she brought her baby boy for his 5 in 1 vaccine. At around 8:15 am, her baby boy made a poo-poo, she was angry and kept on scolding her 4 months old baby. She was saying that they will just wait for their turn and change her baby’s diaper when they get home. But her son is not in the mood already, the baby boy kept on crying maybe because he is not comfortable with himself. So I thought to myself, maybe she has no extra disposable diaper that is why she is scolding her baby. So I told her that she can have my extra diaper, I always brought extra diapers with me every time we leave the house in case my Chicay will need it. She was hesitant at first but I told her that she doesn’t need to pay me; she can have it so that her baby will stop from crying because we are still waiting for the midwives and the nurses that will give the vaccines. She thanked me and changed her baby’s diapers and soon after her son was okay.

You know, it is not every day that we encounter people who needs our help, may it a little one or big one. This is just one random act of kindness and yes, I didn’t do anything great to be called a good person, but I did make a mark on someone else’s life for doing so.



13 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness

  1. I felt sad for the baby because it is not the baby´s fault if nag poopoo..We are same I always have few extra diapers in Camilla´s stroller in case she will needs to be change..

    Oh thats good of you, it doesnt matter if it is big or small help the important is you help her baby to calm down, I guess the baby boy is iritated with the pooppoo they are not so fun with it and it gets quickly iritates their skin because of the bacteria from the poopoo..

  2. That sounded mean – to scold a baby who has got no control of tummy movements hehe. Like you I always bring extra diapers, extra milk and clothes too. I always have a big bag with me…

  3. So true. It is not everyday when we get the opportunity to help others even in just a little way. I agree with Marie. I see no use in scolding a 4monts old baby. Kaluoy pud sa baby.

  4. kuddos for your 😀 kindness. Not many people in this world posses such quality now-a-days. keep it up because we are our children’s role model, they can acquire this quality through us.

  5. That was so nice of you. Maybe I will do the same thing because I can’t stand a mom scolding a baby, it was not his fault that his mom forgot to bring an extra diaper. Keep up the good work.

  6. awww! your post gives me goosebumps Momi Zoan 🙂 What a sweet Mommy you are 🙂 May GOD bless your heart. I love to read story like this. You made my day 🙂 I am sure that Chicay will grow up sweet and generous like her Mommy 🙂

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