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My mom is a huge RD magazine fan. She used to subscribe to Reader’s Digest when I was young so we have so many old Reader’s Digest magz in our house. But she stopped subscribing to them and I don’t know why, maybe because we don’t have the budget anymore or she just get tired of sending postal money order to them.

I surf the internet last month searching for Reader’s Digest web site and I am glad that I can subscribe to the magazine using my Credit Card to pay for it. The first issue arrive yesterday and I am glad because it was very prompt. My mother is reading it now and I know she is very happy with what I did.

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  1. My mom just unsubscribed. We love it too, but the post office here isn’t all that good because our copies arrive late or never do arrive. I think others were getting it because of the sweepstakes Readers Digest offers. They think anything stamped with urgent and confidential means money. hay.

  2. I used to be a subscriber in early 2000 but when time comes to go abroad, it has to be stopped and it used to be my greatest contributor fro vast knowledge and amazing information. I learned a lot from RD. Time to time I was able to grab a copy but no longer constant as before.

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