Recreational Vehicle

I am an RV fan from the time I watched the movie “RV”. The movie RV doesn’t mean Recreational Vehicle instead it means “Runaway Vacation”. I cannot do a movie review about RV because I have not watch it again, but I can still remember that watching the movie was FUN and a person can learn a lot from it. A person can learn why is it important to save the family relationships and why is it important to know what matters most in your life.

Speaking of saving family relationships, having an RV and spend some vacation in different locations with your family can make strengthen your family ties. An RV is a vehicle which is like a home. It has a sleeping area, living room area and cooking area. So if you have an RV and travels with it you do not need to rent a room wherever you stop for the night. But of course just like any other vehicle, you need an RV insurance to be on the safe side.

From my point of view, RVs are expensive and only the rich people can buy and perhaps use it. But I wish someday, RVs will be available for rent for those who cannot afford to but the vehicle but wants to experience driving in different provinces with it.

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