Reviving the Reader in Me

Ever since I was a child, books/magazines/comics were my best friends. My mom told me that I learned how to read by flipping on some Comics. And now that I could afford it, I have a vast library of books already. Sometimes I do read them again and I encourage my friends read too. I let them borrow some of the books I owned.

Now that we are on the age of computers, iPods, iPhones, laptops and kindles I think I should adapt to the changes. Though I would still buy books in bookstores, I am thinking of trying out reading e-books but first, I need to check out kobo versus kindle, because I needed some means to read my e-books right?

Even though I have two kids to take care of, even though I have a business to run, I still want to fit in my busy schedule my love for reading. I will find the time to read some books or e-books for that matter. And I do encourage everyone to READ. We learn a lot from reading, believe me.

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