Rotavirus – What is it?

According to MSD’s leaflet Rotavirus is a common stomach virus that’s very easy to get and the symptoms includes diarrhea, vomiting and fever. These symptoms can lead to serious dehydration.

Yesterday, we went to our Municipal Health Center to have my daughter’s second dose of Rotavirus Oral Vaccine. Her first dose was given by her Pediatrician for about 3000php, it was too late when I learned that our local health center already has this vaccine for free. This oral vaccination targets 5 of the most common types of Rotavirus. I am a mother who believes that prevention is better than cure that is why I always visit my kids Pediatrician and have the kids vaccinated for all the available vaccines and immunization they can provide for my kids.

An estimated 10 Filipino children die each day from rotavirus gastroenteritis according to Parashar U, Hummelman E, Bresee J et al Global illness and deaths caused by rotavirus disease in children. I have suffered from diarrhea and it was very hard, I don’t want my kids to suffer from the same illness. I hate to see kids that has a needle in their hands connected to a dextrose because they needed to be hydrated because of their illness.

If you don’t have the money or budget for an oral vaccine to protect your newborn, visit your local municipal health center, they have vaccines that are given for free. Do not delay.

15 thoughts on “Rotavirus – What is it?

  1. Yikes! I dunno about vaccines, though. I feel that if we are diligent in giving our kids healthy food and specifically, foods that help in stomach health (such as VCO and probiotic food like yogurt, kimchee, and kefir) then the vaccines are not necessary. That’s just an opinion.

  2. it’s my first time to hear that medical term. it’s scary that kids are so vulnerable to any viruses and the fact that it’s unavoidable because it can be acquired through air or from anything they touch and put their hands in their mouth make it even scariest.

  3. Yup they give that type of vaccine to kids here. Both my kids already got the said vaccine and it was listed as Rotateq on their immunization card.

  4. this is what my little zachy received from his pedia last month and will have another by october… bit of a cost for our tight budget but it’s also very important for him and we always make it a point to always have funds for zach health, stuff and etc.

    unfortunately our health center doesnt have this kind of vaccine so we had to cash out, but all other vaccines zachy’s been receiving is from our health center which also helped us in saving alot…

    cheers 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Here in the US, it’s expensive to have vaccination too. Our kids were pretty much up to date. We also believe that prevention is better than cure!

  6. i am the same with you. I make sure that my daughter’s vaccination is up to date. It is a good thing that in here, school will ask your vaccination record before you are admitted.

  7. yes, i read about it here too for the first when i had my son vaccinated. i never know about this virus until that day! it is really serious.

  8. Thanks for sharing the info about Rotavirus. It is my first time hearing about it. I agree, prevention is better than cure knowing how kids or newborn are vulnerable to viruses such as this.

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