Sale at Primadonna

SALE is always an opportunity especially for a cheapskate like me. I am not used to wearing branded clothes simply because my Mom didn’t raised me to be conscious about the prices of the things that I am wearing or using. We live a simple life and we always wear the clothes that we are comfortable wearing, branded or not. My mom used to shop in Ukay-Ukay stores and up until now, we are still buying in different Ukay-Ukay stores if we can find the time to do so (you need to have a lot of time when you shop in a UK store). And now that I can afford to buy my own clothes, I developed the habit of buying for the things I need and wants when they are ON SALE. Branded clothes sometimes go on SALE and that is when I get the chance to own them. I am not ashamed of buying things on sale as long as I didn’t stole it.

When I visited CdeO City 2 weeks ago, I saw the 4 letter word in my favorite store, so I decided to drop by and check out if they have something that would capture my heart. Nevertheless, I found this beautiful pair of sandals and decided to buy them, I don’t know if King Instruments go on SALE, but I am glad that princess’ items like this one goes on SALE.

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