Seagate 500GB Portable Drive

I am not a gadget fan, I have flash drives to keep my pictures but last year my PC got a virus so I lost every single thing that I have kept for so long. To make things worsts, my flash drives crashed, so the back up of my pictures and files were also lost. I have learned my lessons.

After so much thinking and deliberation, I finally decided to buy myself a portable external drive. I was convinced and I know I need it to keep my laptop working faster and to free some space in it.

So I officially welcome my external drive to my life. Do you have an external drive?

0 thoughts on “Seagate 500GB Portable Drive

  1. 500GB,wow, how much is that? Last month kasi nagka problem kami with virus on our PC, ayun, nag crashed and eveything na nakasave dun sa PC di na narecover, including photos and other important files.

  2. I have 3 of them, my first one was a 150GB then years ago I bought 2 500GB Seagate also. Indeed it is necessary nowadays that you need to have a portable back up drive. One thing that I want to advice is don’t go beyond 500GB, thought this is just my personal opinion but the moment your external drive will crush, you’ll have 1Terabyte of misfortune. lol

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