Shopping for my Grandmother

My grandmother has been bed-ridden for more than 5 years already and it was not easy for my mom’s part or her siblings. My mother and her siblings take turns in taking care of my grandmother; they have a schedule that they need to follow. Each one should spend at least two weeks to take care of my grandmother at their old home in Calunasan, Calape Bohol. Aside from that, each one of them should donate the same amount of money for all the expenses that our grandmother needs which includes Prevail adult-sized diapers, medicines, clothes, milk, food and vitamins. Our grandmother used to have 4 caregivers which takes turn in bathing and feeding her, some of the money that my mom and her siblings gives every month goes to their salary.

It is hard to take care of our grandma but it became much easier when everybody helps. We are a big family so the tasks became easier and the money that needs to be raised every month is divided among us. My grandma has 16 children so imagine her stressful life when she was younger and taking care of her children.

We need to shop for Grandma’s needs and I am glad that there are online stores like which has almost all of my Grandma’s needs. We don’t need to leave the house just to buy everything that my Grandma needs; we just need to have an internet connection to order.

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