Smart Steps

When I got home from Valencia City, a package awaits to be opened by me.

I know what is inside it already because I won in Make or Break’s Mother’s Day Giveaway. But still I am so excited to open the box because I never thought that Smart Steps would send me so many products. I initially know that I won 3000php worth of Smart Steps products and I thought to myself that it will just be 6 bottles or so. But when I opened the box, I was astonished at what I saw.

They have send me a lot of Smart Steps products, the loot includes liquid Smart Steps Baby Laundry Detergent , liquid Smart Steps Baby Fabric Softener, powder Smart Steps Baby Detergent and Smart Steps Baby Bottle Cleanser. I am so happy that I won the First Prize of Mommy Pehpot’s contest because now I have these Smart Steps products for free. I will not be spending money on my baby’s laundry needs for a month or two and it will be a great saving for the family. Plus the package includes a Smart Mom reusable eco-bag ( I collect eco-bags and a great fan of eco-bags).

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