Soft Drinks in Cylinders? Check this out!

Have you wondered if the soft drinks you are drinking in fast food chains came from the regular glass or plastic bottles you usually see in your neighbourhood sari-sari stores? Or have you thought about something else?
As for me, I really thought that the soft drinks I am ordering in different fast food chains came from that same bottle and the service crews pour it out into my glass but when I saw them pressing the plastic cups into a machine, I thought otherwise. One early morning, I saw a delivery van outside some fast food chain of a known soft drink brand and the men carry out carbon dioxide cylinders. I realize now what some of my friends who worked for such company what CO2 means. These gas cylinders carry my drinks inside them I believe.

These ways of dispensing soft drinks is common in fast food chains, known bake shops and restaurants. But in our little town, and nearby municipalities, around 5 stores/food chains only have these machines and CO2 cylinders maybe because it is expensive to maintain and install but I believe that most soft drinks company install it for free and they let you borrow their cylinders if your store or restaurant is selling a lot of soft drinks every day. What I mean is that they give you a sales target every month in order for them to gain a good income from the machines and cylinders that they left you with.

The next time you drink that cup of soft drink in a fast food chain, check out how they dispense and put your soft drinks into your cup, it’s different from opening a bottle of soft drinks and pour it in your glass which you usually do in your home.

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