Speaking of Hobbies

What are your hobbies? This question is always included in a Slum Book and in case you do not know what a Slum Book is, well it is like a notebook but there are questions you needed to answer and it includes that question. For me, my hobbies are reading, singing and dancing though I am not good at singing I still consider it as my hobby. I also love to do scrap booking and cross-stitching. I started to get acquainted with my artist self when I was in grade school, you know, nobody gets away from Home Economics, gardening and cooking was a part of it though we never had hydroponics yet. But now that I am a mother, my hobbies includes singing lullabies to my son and reading children story books at night for him. As we grow old, our hobbies never die, but there are some twists to it I guess.

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