Stieg Larsson’s Novel

I have been reading a lot lately and I forgot to share about my book escapades already. So for now, I want to share my love for Stieg Larsson’s novels. I really liked his characters and how he portrays each one of them. The twists and turns of events were so amazingly written and every time I flip or open a page it brings me to another world.

While I was reading his novels, it feels like I am watching it in 3D. Yes, my imaginations are so colourful and sometimes it is horrible, maybe because of the story line. Believe me; I cannot just put the BOOK down even for a minute. There was even a part where in I have thought about serial killers and all that but no, it was different. There were so many places shared in the book, cities, vast farm lands, mansions and castles, even CSI like offices and hospitals which makes me think about point of care cart.

All the things I have expected to happen didn’t happen, all the people I expected to be alive get killed and the people I suspect who were dead already were alive. The three novels were so GREAT and it feels so bad that Stieg Larsson died after delivering the 3 manuscripts because if he is still alive up until today, I expect more novels from him.

4 thoughts on “Stieg Larsson’s Novel

  1. Wow, pareho po tayo! I love books din! Kainggit ka naman, you’ve read a lot – in a matter of one month po ba iyan? Hehe. When reading novels, we can’t help but use our imagination talaga ano?

    I’m currently reading a book din po, but not a novel. It’s called “The Mom You’re Meant to Be” by Cheri Fuller.

    Nice meeting you, sis!

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