Storms and Houses

Ninety-nine percent of my life I have spent in Bukidnon, and that 1 % was spent in Cagayan de Oro when I went to study and get my college degree. In Bukidnon, we don’t usually experience storms, earthquakes and other catastrophes that other provinces/parts of the Philippines have experienced. I think we weren’t able to use our calamity fund for that matter and though we are prone to landslides and soil erosions, thanks to God, that we also didn’t have to experience that in my province too.

But if ever I live in a place where storms, tornadoes, tsunamis and the like loves to visit I would probably get a fiberglass storm shelter to keep me and my family safe.  Aside from having a good-looking house, we need to have a house that would keep us safe, right? So we better choose the right way to build our house.

3 thoughts on “Storms and Houses

  1. would love to have that kind of house too…but maybe when i win in lottery…nindot baya nang bukidnon..passing by there before..and cagayan de oro, got some relatives there..amping kanunay!

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