Summer Wardrobe Coming Out

Summer is definitely around the corner as I can already feel the warm weather inching in and magically touching the doldrums with sunny fingers.

And we all know what this means—it is time for all our sexy outfits to come out. Here in the Philippines where it can get so hot and humid for many months, a girl’s wardrobe staples mostly consist of denim shorts, tank tops, scarves, short breezy skirts or mini-skirts, wide-brimmed hats, dark sunglasses, and of course, flip flops. And there is no question about colors—it is a must that we have items in every color of the spectrum. The more colorful they are the better. Yeah, the tropics is an interesting place to be when it comes to fashion. You can start to shop for the latest skirt styles, colors and prints in different boutiques, malls or even online for your summer wear. These are some of my choices for my summer outfits :


Do check out your swimwear, too. Do you have several sets for the weekend swimming parties or picnics in different resorts? It’s nice to have at least three sets of new swimwear this year so that you will not look the same in your selfies—even if you are in a different resort every week. And oh, don’t forget the sheer cover ups for strolls along the shore that you can use for parties on the beach all night. And always remember your sunblock. Enjoy the sun without hurting your skin.

If you are short on budget, don’t worry. You don’t have to overhaul your entire wardrobe for the summer. Just pick a few pieces that you can mix and match with your existing pieces, throw in a few accessories, and you will find that your wardrobe will look fresh again. Now, you are ready to welcome the summer with open arms!

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