SuperMODEL wanna BE!

I just visited Niko’s site and gosh, I can share her sentiments. And so, I thought of making a post about my dreams of becoming a supermodel too.

I love to pose, I love to take my picture, I love to see myself in pictures, albums, anywhere. If you are one of my Facebook friends, you will definitely come to a conclusion that I am indeed is a camera-whore. And this one picture above is one of my favorites, simply because I looked like a ramp model, walking that catwalk (minus the smiles though).

If only I have the guts to take that road, that road that leads to being a model, then maybe I am one of the top models Philippines have right now (hahaha and you believed me). This is just a dream.

0 thoughts on “SuperMODEL wanna BE!

  1. medyo lang 😀 medyo matangkad, mga 5’6″ 😀 tsaka sexy kasi walang fats 😀 wehehehe nakikinita ko na pareho kami ni kaye, ano? ehehe

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