TCL Introduces TCL FreshIN Series Air Conditioner to Offer Healthier and More Comfortable Experience

TCL Electronics, a leading consumer electronics brand, has introduced the TCL FreshIN Series air conditioners to the Philippine market—the latest premium addition to the TCL Smart home ecosystem, different from conventional AC, which circulates air inside the house. TCL FreshIN Series features an all-around fresh air system that transports the fresh air from the outdoors to the indoors helping increase the oxygen and humidity level to offer users an unprecedented intimate experience of health and care.For more information, please visit: Series is available in 1.0HP and 1.5HP models, which can complement any space.The FreshIN Series includes premium key features, such as its “FreshIN+” that will let you know when the fresh air enters your room with a blue light. The Temperature Balancing feature avoids uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. After the fresh air is drawn in, it will be either cooled down or warmed up to match the level required with ±0.5°C precision control.FreshIN models feature a high-powered air engine, so you can enjoy up to 60 cubic meters of fresh air per hour, which could easily deliver pure clean air for most indoor spaces.Air purification has now become a priority for consumers. The FreshIN Series features a highly efficient system using QuadruPuri Filters: the fresh air will pass through 4 different layers (a preliminary filter, a silver ion antibacterial layer, a HEPA high-efficiency filter, and a high-density filter).TCL FreshIN Series also features Gentle Breeze Mode with more than one thousand micro-holes to create a soft laminar airflow, offering a comfortable breeze without a harsh, direct cold draft.Connected with the TCL Home App, the FreshIN Series is compatible with Google Assistant, which gives users control of the air conditioner 24/7 with a smartphone or TCL TV with simple voice commands.Only a clean air conditioner can keep the air in your home fresh. The CleanXpress function reminds you when it’s time to clean and makes it easy to keep it pristine. Controlled through the TCL Home app, the auto clean function is an efficient system that utilizes water molecules in the air to eliminate impurities. And, for effortless manual cleaning, the unit is designed to be taken apart and reassembled quickly.Key features

  • FreshIN+
  • QuadruPuri Filter
  • Temperature Balancing
  • Air Engine
  • Gentle Breeze
  • Smart Inverter Technology
  • CleanXpress Innovation
  • Smart Control (IoT)
  • Native Style Cooling
  • 360° Airflow
  • 4-Way Airflow
  • Sleep Mode
  • Fast Cooling
  • Deep Clean
  • Ion Generator

*Product availability, appearance, and functionality may differ between regions. For regional sales information, please consult the TCL representatives in your community.

The Weather Gets Better

There are times when the weather gets too hot or too cold which makes my mood swing change every minute of the day. We live in a place where it is too cold at dawn and too hot in the afternoon and even though I turn on the electric fan or the air conditioner will not do any good.

I know I have already told you about our air conditioner and up until now the carpenter has not installed it to our wall yet. We still use it though we made other options than suffer the hot weather. I have heard that in other countries there are air conditioner specialists and technicians and I am so envious. I wish professionals or other business minded people invest in such kind of business so that the common people like me will not find it hard to look for people who could help us in times of need. Heating Montreal for example has air conditioner specialists which the people could easily find in their areas to make their life less miserable in times of hot weather.

It is not easy maintaining your air conditioner so having a technician around is better than asking the man in the house to fix everything which is not their cup of tea. The weather should get better anytime soon because Christmas is just around the corner, I am crossing my fingers that the air will get better, a lot cooler than we are experiencing right now. The weather affects everything in the house even our moods!