Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms

Anyone who is becoming a mother for the first time knows it can be exciting, nerve-wracking and emotional, all at once. There seems to be a never-ending list of decisions to make, from names to registering and birth plans. Take a deep breath, and remember that you have nine months for many of the preparations, so you don’t need to rush.

1. Get Prenatal Care

The most important part of any pregnancy is obtaining appropriate prenatal care. You should begin searching for a medical provider right away. It’s tempting to simply search the internet for pregnancy care center Tampa FL, for example, but you should make sure to do a little research. Ask for a tour of their facility, and ensure they offer the type of services you want.

2. Register/Buy the Essentials

Usually after the first trimester, it’s time to begin the process of preparing for the baby’s arrival. If you have a friend who has recently had a baby, now is the time to ask for help registering. There are hundreds of baby products available, but you don’t need many of them. Try to be practical when looking through choices, knowing you’ll need basics like diapers and bottles, but that maybe bottle warmers and noise machines can wait until the baby is born and you know whether you’ll actually need them.

3. Create a Birth Plan

It’s always a good idea to have a birth plan and discuss it with your provider. Perhaps just as importantly, though, is to understand that plans need to be flexible. Depending on the medical needs of you and your baby, as well as whether your baby decides to arrive early or late, you may need to make adjustments.

Motherhood is one of the most wonderful gifts in a woman’s life. Don’t let it overwhelm you, though. Make it a point to get proper medical care and create a birth plan, as well as buy essentials for the baby’s arrival. You’ll soon be holding your little one and preparing for a life with new purpose.

On Being Pregnant

When I became pregnant 5 years ago I didn’t know at first that I was indeed pregnant simply because I have not experienced the symptoms of pregnant women which are, but not limited to, morning sickness (vomiting), nausea, and cravings for different foods. My monthly period is not always on time that is why I do not take note of when will it happen.

A dear friend of mine was the only one who noticed that my breasts and hips are getting bigger every day that comes so she told me that I must be pregnant, and because I don’t believe her, we bought a pregnancy test to resolve the issue. And yes, I was pregnant and I am happy about it. Getting an abortion didn’t even cross my mind; all I wanted was for my child to be born safely and healthy into this world. I am very careful of the foods I ate and medicines/vitamins that I intake in order to avoid getting a miscarriage or bad effects to my child’s well-being. During my pregnancy, I am glad that I have not experienced low progesterone symptoms as well. And I am happy that I have a happy disposition when I was pregnant and I have been able to avoid depression and anxiety.
Oh, I am just reminiscing the old times.