Birthday Gift Ideas

My son turned 6 years old last April 20 and though I was not able to prepare for his birthday, he still had a blast. I was so busy last April because my grandmother who lives in Bohol died and we needed to be there for her burial.

And even though it was a last minute preparation, my son still enjoy his birthday party in my cousin’s private resort. We only invited our close friends and relatives and I forgot to buy him a birthday gift. But still, he was overwhelmed by our food preparation that he forgot to ask where his birthday gift is. Actually, the very reason why I wasn’t able to buy a gift for him was that I didn’t know what to buy him anymore. He has a PSP, an iPad, NERF guns, toy cars, hot wheels and match box, scooter, bike and the list goes on and on.

But I know in the future, buying him  birthday gifts will not be a problem anymore, because he is a music lover kind of kid so maybe when he grows up he will still have this love for music. I really hope that he will continue to love singing and that he will learn to play the piano, the drums and the guitars. So that when he grows up, I will need to check on how I can save on fender telecaster. Because I know he will ask for one in his future birthdays to come.

Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan Themed Birthday Party Giveaways

I was so busy preparing for my baby girl’s 1st birthday that I almost forgot to share the birthday giveaway I ordered online. Chicay’s guests received one right after the birthday party! This very BIG package held 20 pieces Tinkerbelle and 20 pieces Peter Pan wooden basket which we gave to our guests and Chicay’s Godparents after her 1st birthday party!


I loved it so much and the guests are thankful for receiving it. I paid almost 4000php for the whole package including the shipping fee and well, it’s worth it!

Memories . . .

I have been cleaning my room for a week now, and LOOK what I saw:

This photo was taken 18 years ago, when my brother celebrated his 5th birthday. Looking at that photo makes me remember a lot of things in my childhood. There I was, 3rd girl from the right beside my best(est) friend in my childhood years which up until now is my friend. Some of the children in this photo are married and they already have their families. And look at that, we had our favorite Lechon and yes, the popular brand of soft drink which up until now I still love “Coca-Cola”.

We still see each other a lot, yes, I am speaking of the kids in the photo. We still see each other because we still live in the same house, hometown. Isn’t it great? When you have a fun-filled childhood?

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me! Last July 21, 2012 I turned 27. Yes, I am in my late twenties already and I am not ashamed to admit my real age because getting older means getting wiser.

I didn’t prepare for a luxurious dinner party, I just celebrated my birthday with the people that I love dearly. I didn’t even expect the birthday cake and bouquet of flowers my better-half gave me. I was surprised and at the same time so grateful, thankful for the man than I have found.

Happy 5th Birthday JB

Yes, my son turned five today and I never thought that children could grow up so quickly. It felt like yesterday we celebrated his 1st birthday and now, he is five. I am busy for the preparation, so I will just make another post about his day next time. This is just  a quick and short post to greet him.

Nanay Saring’s Birthday

Nanay Saring celebrated her 85th birthday with her family. Nanay Saring is a simple mother who gave birth to 10 children. Today, the doctors and even the government encourages us to use birth control pills to avoid giving birth to too many children but 50 years ago, family planning wasn’t enforced yet that is why Nanay Saring has many children.

Happy 23rd Birthday Galil!

We only celebrate our birthdays once a year and of course I don’t want to miss out on telling my dear little brother how happy I am that I have him for a brother during his birthday and of course GREET him too.

Like any other siblings we had our share of fighting and teasing, loving and sharing too. He always teases me that is why we fight on everything and anything. But he is sweet at times, he knows how to ask me for something that I cannot simply resist. He also knows how to take care of me as a brother.

I love my brother dearly and for that I want to tell the whole world that I LOVE HIM and that I wish he will have many more birthdays to celebrate in his life.

Our Newest Baby

Last Monday, July 11, 2011, we went to a Pet Shop in Malaybalay City to get my boyfriend’s birthday gift to me, a Labrador retriever puppy. I didn’t expect for a puppy though I know that my boyfriend has been thinking of what to give me for my coming birthday. When I saw the puppy, I fell in love with it. I love dogs and my love for them started when I was still young. My first dog was called Saddam and true to his name, though he is not that big, he is very brave. Brave enough that when another dog was about to attack me, he defended me and he got bruises all over his body. The next dog I had was “Kokey”, a black dog and not of any known breed. It was a gift, and yes she was brave too, very brave that she was poisoned many times already and thanks God that I was able to save her every time it happened. Having new addition to the family means we need to do some birth announcements for the new baby just like as having new puppy.

And now, our new baby girl is called “Bebang”. She is a cute little puppy which I know will grow up to be a big dog eventually. Of course, we bought some of her necessities such as shampoo, a lease, puppy food, and toys. Glad that I still keep my Pawnacea all natural paw balm that I have won from Yapatoot’s contest last year.
I want to share some picture of our little puppy and I will continue writing about Bebang here or in my other blogs for some updates.

And because my birthday is coming up, I would like to celebrate this with a little giveaway with very easy mechanics.
1. Answer the question “Where is the name “Bebang” came from? and post it as a blog entry with a link to this giveaway. (5 points if you get it right, 3 points if not).
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Comment below with your blog entry url, email ad, FB name, and GFC name. (Note:Winner will be chosen randomly. My relatives cannot join the said contest.)

The Prize? No, you will not get a puppy. I will give away these beauties:

Loot Bag for the Moms

Last April 24, we celebrated Jb’s 4th birthday and yes, I have prepared a different giveaway for my son’s birthday.

Instead of the usual, baby figurines, little jewelry trinkets and the likes, I have prepared an Eco-Bag. Yes, I have no ORIGINALITY. I have seen this one and receive one for Sati’s birthday last year from Mommy Peh that is why I have thought of spreading the news and help Mommy Peh in her desire to help make Mother Nature clean and green.

I have asked Mommy Peh’s help in order for me to have these Eco-Bags before Jb’s birthday. So, you could imagine that Mommy Peh is the one behind all the Eco-Bags I have distributed to our guests last Easter Sunday and to some friends who were not able to attend the event.

When I distributed the Eco-Bags, the mommies appreciated my effort and the kids shouted with joy and said “even Mommies have loot bags”. Because the kids thought that if they attend children’s party, they are the only ones who are entitled to have loot bags and they are wrong.

Thank you Mommy Peh for opening not only my eyes but other people’s eyes to what is happening to our world and that there is something we can do to make the Earth a better place to live in.

Happy Birthday JB

Today is my son’s 4th birthday. The day in which I was born again, I became a mother.

I can still remember my pain and my happiness when I gave birth to my son 4 years ago. And now, he is a toddler already. He knows how to talk, to walk, to change his clothes, to ride a bike, to eat on his own and he can even say what he wants and what he likes. I miss my son when he needed me to be able to live. Yes, I miss it when he was still a baby in which he needed to depend on me. When he needed me to feed him because he cannot eat solid foods yet, when he needed me to bathe him and change hid clothes, when he needed me to hold his hands and body because he cannot walk.

But every child needs to grow, and this is part of growing up. Every year he changes for the better, and every day he learns something. This is how a person is made. And I am happy that I am still a part of my son’s growing up.

I love you JB.