Memories . . .

I have been cleaning my room for a week now, and LOOK what I saw:

This photo was taken 18 years ago, when my brother celebrated his 5th birthday. Looking at that photo makes me remember a lot of things in my childhood. There I was, 3rd girl from the right beside my best(est) friend in my childhood years which up until now is my friend. Some of the children in this photo are married and they already have their families. And look at that, we had our favorite Lechon and yes, the popular brand of soft drink which up until now I still love “Coca-Cola”.

We still see each other a lot, yes, I am speaking of the kids in the photo. We still see each other because we still live in the same house, hometown. Isn’t it great? When you have a fun-filled childhood?

Happy 23rd Birthday Galil!

We only celebrate our birthdays once a year and of course I don’t want to miss out on telling my dear little brother how happy I am that I have him for a brother during his birthday and of course GREET him too.

Like any other siblings we had our share of fighting and teasing, loving and sharing too. He always teases me that is why we fight on everything and anything. But he is sweet at times, he knows how to ask me for something that I cannot simply resist. He also knows how to take care of me as a brother.

I love my brother dearly and for that I want to tell the whole world that I LOVE HIM and that I wish he will have many more birthdays to celebrate in his life.