AYAHAY Escapade

We missed going out because of the pandemic. We stayed home for 2-3 years in order to be safe. And now that everything is going back to normal, we chose to visit different cafe’s , restaurant or tourist spots within Bukidnon.

For today, we went to Ayahay, which is located in Tabu-an, Kibangay, Lantapan Bukidnon. It is still a part of Mindanao, just in case you want to know where.

We ordered Beef Nachos, Garden Salad, Oreo Ice Cream Shake, Macchiato, Sikwate and Kape Arabica. Their ingredients are fresh, from the garden I guess , the beef nachos and garden salad has a taste different from what we usually order at the restaurant near us. Ate Chicay didn’t like her Oreo Ice Cream Shake because it doesn’t taste like what she usually order, a simple shake, but there are no shakes available other than this, with ice cream. I hope they serve one when we get back here someday. Kuya Jb ordered Macchiato and liked it. I went for Sikwate and Papa Norman chose Kape Arabica because it is what he likes most.

The place is so cold, typical Bukidnon area. We loved the ambiance and though it was far from our place, it was all worth it.

You can check some of our photos in my instagram account – ZoWanderer .